Visit Tuscany by Vespa

What is more Italian than riding on a Vespa through the beautiful Tuscany region. Discover the beautiful villages in the area, visit any of the thousand artisans, wineries or food producers, or simply explore the region in an adventure.
Drive with your friends or get guided by a local. Either way we can help you book and organise your tour.


What you need to know

Do I need a motorbike specific licence?

The motorcycle driver license is not necessary in Italy if you drive a motorcycle under 125cc. The automobile driver license will suffice for motorcycles' that size. If you want a larger motorcycle (over 125cc) then a motorcycle license is necessary.

Is it safe to ride in Italy?

If you have never driven a motorcycle or scooter before or you don't feel confident doing it, I don't think it is safe for you to try in Italy for the first time or without proper experience. A Vespa is not the easiest of the scooters to drive, therefore we recommend you do it only if confident and eperienced. We can also organise giuded tours by scooter with a tour guide.